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    Throughout all time we're having 11.765€ in commissions that are yet to be paid - or that is what the very least what our profile describes. The guys behind the website did not respond to numerous (+10) requests either by E-mail, Skype or even their player customer support. Eventually we recently managed to reach a Mark < surname removed > by Skype, that first of all seems like he doesn't care with what happened, refer to that the casino is soon to see closure and that it had no activity for the latest 6 months. As far as we can see, the website is running perfectly fine and regardless of the casino sees closure or not, it should still deal with paying commissions that rightfully belong to affiliates. Lastly he reports that the amount we see of balance is not the actual balance, and refers to an initial e-mail that explains how to interpret things. However, neither within the firm are able to locate the e-mail he refers to or read what he refers to. Once questioned when this E-mail is sent, he becomes silent and hasn't communicated since 5th of September. Regardless of if he has a valid point or not, we certainly do have commission at our account that is yet to be dealt with, no matter the amount, and it seems like they have no intention to deal with that fact. Therefor we see no other reason than to open this thread. If not to receive our commission, then to warn other affiliates about their behaviour.
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