Valkyrie: up to the heavens of Asgard


Published: December 04, 2018

ELK studios have released new 3D slot Valkyrie on December, 4. The slot is inspired by Nordic mythology and offers a number of exclusive bonus features.

Together with Freya, players have to accomplish the greatest mission of Valkyries and decide which warriors fell on the fields of Midgard will raise up to the shiny Valhalla or go down to the dark Helheim.

Special features of the Valkyrie slot are designed to help them.

When Freya raises her shield, players can get profit from The Shield of Chance feature. As she lights up the reels, Wild symbols appear one by one giving a chance to get a huge payout.

The Sword of Destiny feature works the similar way. As Freya raises her sword, its power results in turning a single reel or even 3 central reels into the reel Wild.

Freya may also increase wins by shooting from her bow. As the three arrows land on the reels, the epic symbols 2×2, 2×3 or 3×3 sized reveal from the fire.

In addition to the special features above, Valkyrie slot can offer Valhalla Free Spins and the Bonus Spin.

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