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Without any doubts, jackpot is a most desired prize for every adventurous gambler. Hunting for a jackpot is a kind of “all or nothing” deal that turns every player into a dreamer because to win a jackpot is an event that can turn your live inside out. That’s why millions of players choose jackpot slots every day playing them in thousands of various online casinos worldwide. Jackpot slot gaming mechanics is really simple. There are two major types of jackpot slots – fixed jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots. In fixed jackpot slots the size of the prize is clearly defined and it doesn’t grow or decrease, it stays the same until it will be won by some lucky player. In progressive jackpot slots the jackpot is growing every time any player makes a bet because a certain percentage of every bet is commissioned to jackpot fund. Progressive jackpots are commonly much bigger then fixed once, the coolest progressive slots can accumulate up to $10-12 million before the jackpot would be won. Except jackpot commissions, most of the rules are just the same as in any video-slot. Nevertheless, the average RTP coefficients are noticeably lower than in common slots so it would be not easy to get rich hunting for average wins on jackpot slots.
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