Chinese Roulette

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  • 01.01.2016
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If your customers enjoy roulette, this game will suit their every need, with a little bit of Chinese luck attached.
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Game description

Roulette is a well-known table game which main aim is to predict where exactly the ball will land and place bets accordingly. So, what’s so special about Chinese Roulette from 1x2 Gaming? The wheel is divided in 12 parts respectively to 12 Chinese zodiac signs: tiger, snake, monkey, pig, rabbit, horse, rooster, rat, dragon, goat, dog, and ox. All signs are related to times of year (winter, spring, autumn, and summer), Earth elements (fire, water, earth, and air), and negative or positive grading.

To make bets players should choose a chip and add its amount to the stack by clicking one or multiple times. When the bets are placed it’s time to spin the wheel. Gamblers can use the option 'Clear all Bets' to place one or more new bets and spin again.

The wide variety of bet types allows controlling risk and reward.
Playing Inside Bets, gamblers can place bets to cover specific sign or adjacent signs:

  • Straight Bet is placed directly on top of a sign
  • Split Bet is placed between two signs
  • Corner Bet is placed on the corner of four signs

Playing Outside Bets means that gamblers can place a bet to cover an entire category of results. Gamblers can also view history of results at the top right of the screen.

Chinese Roulette is a great time spent opportunity for table games fans who enjoy exotic Asian environment and music.



Coins Size: -

Coins: 1 - 500

Spin: Start playing the game

Max Bet: 200

Autoplay: No

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Video Slots
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Desktop , Tablet , Mobile

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